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Dan Cook is a British painter, born in Cambridge and raised in Southeast England.


Currently living near St Ives Bay in Cornwall.


Drawing has always been at the forefront of his learning, from early childhood to present day. With a working background in commercial illustration, Dan has produced artworks for a broad range of brands, theatre and design installations, taking his art-working techniques to digital formats.


The last few years has seen a steep curve away from those processes and outcomes with focus falling on a personal and immediate perception of the natural environment through oil paint and pencil.


Dan’s process involves a constant effort to decode and record an ever-changing theme. It could be the light, a surface or just a place and atmosphere that dictates the artwork. In collecting personal responses to his environment, the need for a physical unique representation of these responses has become essential, compelling and urgent.


Working primarily on wood panel provides a solid platform for much of the wall art. Each piece starts from a visual plan but often the first physical markings begin on the final piece itself.


This is memory work. A reminder of a place or a sensation felt, rather than an attempt to represent a whole view or arrangement. The current collection passes a thread through stone surfaces, refracted daylight, and how the eye delivers us colour, suffused, distorted or in focus.


Thinned inky paint mixes and patiently built layers search out the well-kept secrets of natural water. Etching, scraping and sanding connects with a solid surface. Staring into ponds and stroking rocks is something of a pastime.


All artworks are started and completed in a small studio space.

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